Catching up with Terence Hansen

Photo By: Cindy Peterson Holt   

Scorpius Magazine recently had the pleasure of catching up with guitarist,  Terence Hansen:

You’ve toured Europe before and you just came back from another  European tour, what brings you back there, and what do you like about it? 

Good question, that was my fourteenth European tour, and  I’ve developed a fan base over there. When I go over, I have a Dutch manager and a German manager and they make everything happen over there, but it ’s always nice to see everybody who comes out to my shows every year. It’s kinda been snowballing, getting more and more of a fanbase there.

Have you been working on any new songs or albums recently? 

Yeah, I just finished a new album called Baktun, and it’s my first all-acoustic trio instrumental album. It’s a lot of improvisation and it’s just kind of a nice album to put on while you do the dishes or something. Its got lot of jazz and blues and a little Latin and some kind of weird funky stuff.

You’ve been performing for over 20 years now, how do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist, and how has your style evolved? Like with this  new album it’s something kind of different, how do you feel like you’ve  changed?

Well, I put my first album out in 1993 and this is my eleventh album now. Every album has a different direction musically.

I started off as just an instrumentalist, my first two albums were instrumental and then my last few have been with singing and songwriting and a lot of production. I’ve come full circle back to the instrumental thing, except for it’s got what I would consider being a much more organic feeling. Definitely more how we sound when we actually play live. I feel like everything’s kinda come full circle, except for now it’s really part of my whole show, my whole sound. This last album kinda represents more of that. It’s always a work in progress, my music is always changing.

In your career, you’ve worked with artists such as Rich Wyman of Van  Halen and Hugh McDonald, et cetera. Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with and which of these artists or artists, in general, have had an impact on you? 

Well it’s great that you brought up Rich Wyman, cause Rich  was one of the first people that I played with that I became an instant fan, just of  his music and his professionalism, and his person. Hugh McDonald was really  great to work with, super nice guy and a good friend also. You know, when it  comes down to working with different musicians, you don’t need to really be  working with somebody famous to have something special come out. Those are  the moments that I really search for. I finished a couple albums with Jos Van  Oost of the Netherlands. And also Rik Hoogendoorn, he’s a pretty famous actor  in the Netherlands, and I produced his album and that was really a lot of fun,  working with those guys. One of the musicians I love to work with is Isaiah  Stewart. I just played on his last album ‘Summer Beat’ (2018) with famous  musicians Randy Brecker, Tom Scott, and Deodato. As far as working with a lot  of people in the past I tend to be more of a lone wolf, and I’m doing a lot more  collaboration in the last few years with other people and that’s something that  really excites me. When I play with another guitar player or keyboard player or  singer, you get something new. I’m really looking forward to doing more  collaborations this year.

What can we expect to hear from you in 2019 and into the future?

​I’m going to have some new music. Right now I feel like I’ve  got a blank slate with all of the music that I’ve worked on for the last twenty  years, I finally caught up with myself in a way, so I feel like I can go any  direction I want now. I have been in this process of catching up with songs that  were hanging around for 13 years or 20 years or whatever. So finally I’ve got all  those songs on my other CDs. So now, I’m really excited to create just kinda of a
whole different sound than I have in the past. And a lot of that is gonna come  from playing the crossed neck electric with some different instrumentation as  well as the acoustic, playing with some other guitar players, I’ve got some local  guys in town that I really really dig like Rylee McDonald, Tom Hopkins, we’ve  been talking about doing a guitar trio or something like that. Really truly  excited to collaborate and create, just see where it goes. I know by this time  next year I’ll have something out.

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