Mrs. Murphy’s Confession, Woodbury Film Festival 2019

Awarded “Best Short Film” at the Woodbury Film Festival in March, Haun hits a home run in backwards comedy centered on around a struggling woman falling into herself

Mrs. Murphy’s Confession

In an attempt to create art from those all too real moments in life, when we find ourselves awkwardly shuffling around attempting to find ourselves, Catherine Haun strikes gold in her writing debut as she allows for the viewer to see themselves in every piece of the film. We all somehow manage to situate to life situations as they’re thrown at us and that’s why this film hits home with so many. In our lives we all either know a Mrs. Murphy, or we are a Mrs. Murphy.
The film follows and unravels the uncoordinated and hard to maneuver self-discovery of Mrs. Murphy, a housewife unsure of the role she fills. With a workaholic husband who’s interest she can never peak, grown children raising their own families and who are off living lives, and no longer in need of the constant mother figure. We find Mrs. Murphy, played by Catherine Haun, the writer behind the entire film, with some much needed time to fill and striving to fill the gap in her life by volunteering to teach youth at her local church. Though her good natured attempts to fill a void end on an awkward note, when she leaves the kids with more than they signed up for, she manages to walk away with something for herself as well.
The sheer character development that is seen in the film would be hard for any feature length to convey given 120 minutes. The fact that Haun has accomplished it in under 30 minutes speaks volumes to her writing. Mrs. Murphy’s Confession is a pleasant and amusing time with a twist in it that allows it to shift gears into an unexpected, feel good comedic venture that ultimately comes out of left field. Mrs. Murphy eventually falls into a new way of thinking and her personal reflection and journey is contagious to anyone watching. With subtle humor and an important message of self-reflection, Haun has created a spot in our hearts for Mrs. Murphy with a feel good piece that will have you laughing and reflecting in ways you haven’t before.