FILMQUEST 2019 – VIRTUALLY – Patrick Hogan Writer/Director

Film: Virtually

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance

Synopsis: A woman struggling to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a virtual-reality machine and escapes from her loneliness into a scenic virtual world. When she falls in love with a man inside this virtual world, she must chose between her love and her life in this romantic science fiction short film.

FilmQuest Screening: Friday, September 13 at 11 a.m. at the Velour in Downtown Provo as part of the “They Blinded Me with Science” block of short films.


Twitter: @soccernurd

Instagram: @virtually_movie

Director Bio: Originally from the tiny Pacific island of Guam (where America’s day begins), Patrick attended Northwestern University in Chicago and then received his MFA in film and tv production from USC film school. His thesis film “The Business Card” was an award-winning short that had the distinction of being the first student film ever sold to an airline for in-flight entertainment.

Pope Dreams – Patrick’s feature directorial debut – screened at over 26 festivals around the world, won 11 Best Film awards, and was picked up for distribution by Porchlight Entertainment. It aired on Lifetime Network, was distributed in over 40 countries, and was released on home video and streaming through Netflix and Amazon.

Along with working as a writer/director, Patrick is a highly accomplished sound editor and supervising sound editor with more than 100 television shows and movies to his credit. He’s earned six Emmy nominations and three Golden Reel Awards for his work on such shows as HBO’s “Six Feet Under” and Fox’s “Family Guy.”

Patrick lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where his wife and two daughters and one dog remind him daily that he is truly living a charmed life.

Scorpius: What is the genesis of your film? How was the idea inspired/born/conceptualized?

VIRTUALLY began when I was walking down the hallway at work one day and thinking about the prior few years of my time writing and working on scripts with various producers and realizing that not only had none of the scripts been produced but none of the projects were stories that really resonated with me. And while walking down this hallway I made a promise to myself that I would make a film, not just write it, but actually make a film that I myself would have been a fan of as an audience member.

I wanted to make a movie that I wouldn’t just be proud of as a filmmaker but also make a movie that I would love as an audience member.

So right there, while standing in the hallway, I came up with the setting and the main character and the basic story, based on my love of science fiction and more specifically allegorical science fiction; stories set on a distant world or in a distant future that comment on the human condition and are applicable to our world of today.

And before long I had come up with a story that is a study in survival with the central theme being, “Is survival really survival if you are all alone? Is life worth living without human interaction? Are you really alive if you are completely alone?”

Scorpius: What message or feeling are you hoping to convey through your film/story?

As I mentioned, the story is really about what it means to be alive.  It’s a love story, but also meant to make the audience think about what is really important in living your life.  And I hope the audience also enjoys the film, we manage to sneak in a couple fun moments that hopefully make them laugh as well as think.

Scorpius:   Are there any elements, themes, or characters in the story that were inspired from your own childhood/life?

I grew up on a tropical island, so the beach setting is very much something I connect with, and that close-knit village lifestyle really impressed on me the need for human interaction and connection.  I think all my films are in many ways influenced by growing up on a small island and that interconnected lifestyle.

Scorpius: What is your ultimate/ideal vision for yourself as a filmmaker in your future?

I hope to continue making films that I would want to see as an audience member – both theatrical films and television series.

Socrpius: What’s next for you as a filmmaker? Do you have any films/projects you are looking forward to pursue?

I have two feature scripts that I previously wrote that are in various stages of development.  Both are action/thrillers that I’m not handling dad-to-day.  I also have a script I just finished which is the sequel to Virtually and continues to explore the ideas of what it means to be human, that I hope to get into pre-production after the success of Virtually.  And I am also developing two other projects – a fantasy/romance television series about a woman who’s immortal and a WWII feature film about the occupation of my home island, Guam, and what its people went through until liberated by US forces.  I hope to make all of them (yes I’m ambitious!)
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