Berlin Breaks – The New Hard Rock Legends Are Burning Up The International Stage And Destroying Old Molds

Jordan Young Is Taking The Band  Into New Worlds With His Viking Style. Berlin Breaks is ushering in a new age of Hard Rock with an undeniable stage presence and a mythological songwriting style.


Scorpius: What are the origins of Berlin Breaks? What’s the story behind the formation of the band?

Berlin Breaks: Brandon and Trevor played in a band together called Hurrikane Carter. Brandon played bass and Trevor drummed until the group disbanded in late 2012. Trevor knew Brandon was more of a guitarist than a bassist, and they both wanted to continue playing. They wrote and auditioned for a full year. Dustin auditioned as a singer, and they passed on him. A few months later they reached out to him and asked him to play bass. So in January of 2014 Dustin joined as the bassist. After auditioning several singers, Richard Dean responded to an online ad and became the singer for Berlin Breaks in February that same year. Less then two years in Richard left the band to pursue a solo career. The band again was in search of a new singer. Another year went by with stand in singers for shows and auditions. They found, who they thought would be, Deans’ replacement (McKay Harris). After a year, he left the group for personal matters. Thus bringing us to today. In 2016, after yet another strenuous search for a singer, Berlin Breaks reached out to Jordan Young. At the time Young was a solo artist on the Salt Lake City circuit. Jordan became the Singer for the band in November of 2016.

Scorpius: Tell us a little about each band member? What are your strongest musical influences and tell us about your songwriting process.

Berlin Breaks: Brandon- A Perfect Circle, Muse, Thrice, and early Smashing Pumpkins

Jordan- Incubus, Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Fall Out Boy, 90’s

Dustin- Slipknot, 10 Years, AFI, Evanescence, Seether

Trevor- Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Faith No More, Sevendust

The writing process can definitely vary for each member. For the most part, Brandon (who we call the mad scientist) is constantly noodling on the guitar and sending the band guitar tracks and demos. Jordan, being a songwriter as well, then usually takes Brandon’s demos and adds lyrics, hooks, melodies, and occasionally a second guitar/piano track. We then collectively rehearse through what those two have. Everyone tweaks their own parts until it comes to an agreeable rendition. Then, once we go to the studio, and depending upon the producer, it all changes again, hahaha. We feel that true art and music will write itself, and we just happen to be the tools that give it life.

Scorpius: What drives the band’s passion? Where do you want to go with it? Do you aspire to be an iconic rock band or stay in the independent scene?

Berlin Breaks: We love having the ability to create and share moments with everyone. Those who support us often become friends who end up becoming like family. That is a desirable experience on its own. It’s beautiful to see the bonds created by something as simple as live music. Music is a unbelievable connecting force.

We definitely work as an independent band and take pride in deciding the direction of our art.

 However, we do aspire to preform at an iconic level.

Scorpius: Tell us about some of your most memorable shows and wild or unusual experiences on the road or at home.

Berlin Breaks: Of course we’d like to think each show has its memorable moments, but there are definitely some that stick out. I think every member of the band has had some blood drawing injury while on stage. We try and get a little crazy while preforming, and inevitably someone’s going to fall off apiece of gear or get smacked with a guitar neck.We’ve been fortunate enough to preform with a lot of larger acts over the years, and those shows have been memorable even if just for the sheer size of the production. We’ve been able to learn a lot by preforming with some of the bands we grew up listening to.I think some of the shenanigans we find ourselves in on the road make for a lot of memories. We have a game called Hotel Relay. Without going into too much detail, its a hybrid of beer chugging and physical exertion that usually makes someone puke. Ultimately, this entire journey is the real memorable part, the good and the bad.

Scorpius: Future plans; is there another album in the works, any upcoming tours you are planning? What are the next major shows coming up this winter?

Berlin Breaks: We have been recording new material for a few months now. We are currently figuring out exactly how we are gonna release these new tracks. We don’t want to give away too much, but we will say it won’t be released in the traditional sense. Our calendar is definitely filling up faster this year with show dates in comparison to previous years. We want to focus on more out of state shows this year as well as Festivals. We’ve been working to try and get on Ship Rocked, and we’ve had a few conversation with the people who put that together. If you haven’t checked that out, it’s worth looking into. It’s cruise dedicated to live rock all day long.

It would definitely be appropriate for Berlin Breaks to rock a ship as they are the Viking rockers of the new age of Hard Rock.