The Reckoning of Darkness

The Reckoning of Darkness (TRT: 26:30)

Scorpius Magazine recently had the privilege to interview Christopher Kulikowski, Director of “Reckoning of Darkness.  Kulikowski is one of the hottest up and coming directors in Hollywood today. His work is passionate and innovative. His reputation with peers, cast and crew is impeccable and admired throughout the industry. He has also been the Post Production Supervisor on films such as “Limitless” and “The Fighter” as well as countless other blockbuster movies. 

GENRE: Gothic Horror

TAGLINE: Some may recall that the story of Victor Frankenstein and his Creation ends in the frozen wastes of the Arctic, but few know what really happened on their fateful journey north.

SYNOPSIS: The Year 1818: Set on a remote island at the extreme north of the British Isles, a mysterious man named Victor washes ashore, seemingly the sole survivor of a shipwreck. He is restored to health by the local inhabitants but guards the secrets of his haunted past and of an evil which has found its way to this remote world, hell-bent on vengeance. So starts the dramatic and violent chain of events in which the tale of Victor’s sinister experiments gradually emerges.


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Scorpius: What is the genesis of your film? How was the idea inspired / born / conceptualized?

CK: There’s essentially two parts to the genesis of my proof of concept featurette, “The Reckoning of Darkness”… First is my love for science fiction, horror and drama that goes back to my childhood and Mary Shelley’s time tested novel, “Frankenstein”; a narrative which captures all three genre’s mentioned above. Second, back in 2004, I attended the performance of a play titled “Victor”, written by Alistair Faulkner which was inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel. Unlike most depictions of Frankenstein’s creation, in this telling of the story (set on a remote island in the north Atlantic) Victor’s creation is intelligent, has feelings of love, despair, hate and loneliness. I was completely captivated and moved by the performance and narrative of this play. In fact, I loved the take on this “Frankenstein” story so much that I secured the theatrical rights.

Scorpius: What message or feeling are you hoping to convey through your film / story?

CK: For me, all cinema should take an audience to places they rarely experience. This not only applies to physical locations but also to deep, internal emotional worlds. For “Reckoning…” the underlying theme is that of abandonment and how the cruel treatment of those who are different can drive the victim to commit heinous acts of violence.

Scorpius: Are there any elements, themes, or characters in the story that were inspired from your own childhood / life?

CK: Mary Shelley’s story appeals and inspires me on so many levels. I think many creatives, including myself, feel like outcasts from time to time and there’s a bit of Victor Frankenstein in every artist… we all set out to create perfection and more often than not, our expectations fall short. Yet, we can not help ourselves and we keep on going, even if it beats us up. On the flip side, the cinematic arts nourishes my soul like no other medium and the collaborative pr

ocess in creating something special, something magical and make-believe is one heck of a high and turn on.

Scorpius: What is your ultimate / ideal vision for yourself as a filmmaker in your future?

CK: For starters, my ideal vision for “The Reckoning of Darkness” is to present the proof of concept and trailer as a calling card in hopes of securing talent and funding for the feature version. As for my ultimate vision as a filmmaker, well… to keep on going, learning every facet of this craft and to take myself and my audience to unique worlds, situations and with characters that we relate to and connect with emotionally. And as Disney stated… “I don’t want to make movies to make money, I want to make money to make more movies.”

Scorpius: What’s next for you as a filmmaker? Do you have any films / projects you are looking forward to pursue?

CK: As stated, my primary goal is to get the feature version off the ground. However, like so many filmmakers, I do have my arsenal of screenplays that I’d like to see put into production… One is a dark, historical crime thriller set in 1930 Cleveland, the other, a Dracula story and two sci-fi’s.

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